mercredi 6 février 2013

Message de John Finch

International Criminal Court
M.P. Dillon
Head of the Information & Evidence Unit
Reference: OTP-CR-70/07/002

Mr. John and Ms. Deborah
N.Y., 11754

Dear Sirs,

This letter is an appeal to you for help regarding atrocities going on in the United States upon us and thousands of other people, where I, Deborah Lamb and John Mecca are also victims of electronic torture going on all over our country. We are being electronically tortured via covertly implanted devices in our brains and bodies and we are suffering severely. The torture is seriously debilitating and severely painful. Our lives have been destroyed and our domestic and international rights have been stripped away from us.

We have appealed to numerous agencies for help to investigate and stop this inhumane atrocity and our own courts to no avail, lawyers here will not take such a case. Every agency and every government official that we have contacted has turned their backs on us refusing to help us.

We are being held in our own homes imprisoned in non-consensual human experimentation and left to be tortured until our death. Many victims have already died and we have lost the support of families and friends from their being uneducated and disbelieving, we have suffered sabotage of our careers, tortured so severely that working becomes impossible for many of us and as one would expect we have been shunned by society, our existence as human beings with GOD given rights has been destroyed by our Government that apparently seeks to make itself a god over us.

We urgently appeal to you to bring this to light in public and lend assistance by that to help stop this heinous atrocity, that echoes Nazi atrocities now in these modern times; silence will only embolden those carrying out these sadistic acts of terror.

Post Scriptum (P.S.):

Also we are writing to you in support of Mr. John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627, who has contacted you already and is also a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL and a member of THE WORLDWIDE CAMPAIGN AGAINST ELECTRONIC TORTURE, ABUSE AND EXPERIMENTATION.

He is an activist as well as a victim, a targeted individual who is fighting to stop the heinous atrocities of electronic torture involving implanted devices, electromagnetic frequencies, non consensual human experimentation and gang stalking.

These are crimes against humanity according to the Rome Statute in that they include:
1. Enslavement;
2. Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law;
3. Torture;
4. Rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity;
5. Other inhumane acts of a similar character
intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health. These atrocities are being done to thousands of victims remotely with electronic or microwave technology.

These are transnational crimes and victims have not been able to gain assistance or justice from local, national or any other authorities, a crime against humanity and that we need their humanitarian and legal assistance urgently.

These are worldwide crimes and there are thousands of victims.


Ms. Deborah and
Mr. John

Author of


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