mardi 8 octobre 2013

Message de Derrick Robinson

Media Package re: Aaron Alexis
Greetings, everyone.                                 October 8, 2013
Many thanks to Dr. Hall, Ken Rhoades, and Bryan the reporter for their efforts in publicizing our issues in regards to the Aaron Alexis incident. Dr. Hall was a guest on The  Alex Jones Show and gave an excellent interview, Ken Rhoades introduced the American Free Press to electronic harassment last year and they wrote a series of articles about our issues at that time. Therefore, when the Aaron Alexis story made headlines, they were already familiar with the technologies and produced a marvelously well-written article below. Bryan's contact at the Washington Times also wrote a great story. 
As a result, we have an excellent media package that we can email to all newspapers, magazines, TV or radio stations in our areas, as well as various national media outlets such as NBC,CBS,ABC, and FOX news. Favorite talkshows may be interested also in reviewing these links.  Investigative journalists or investigative journalist sites may want to review the links also. 
Please share these links wherever or whenever possible. Or send the link to this entire email below: 
The Washington Times  
Aaron Alexis and Extremely Low Frequency Attacks:
Truth or Fiction
The American Free Press 
Navy Yard Shooter Fits Mind Control Profile
Dr. Hall on the Alex Jones Show (Youtube)
Government Mind Control Technologies with Dr. John Hall

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